Entry Level Positions

Imagine yourself as a Bellevue police officer, wearing the uniform, getting paid to train at the range, lights flashing red and blue as you race to assist a person in need.

The Bellevue Police Department is always accepting applications for entry-level police officers. These are highly competitive positions. But if you believe you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply. Testing is conducted at various times throughout the year. We plan on hiring 15 to 20 new officers in 2021 and you could be one of them.

Honor guard Officers McAnnally and Borsheim

How the Hiring Process Works

If you have been a law enforcement officer in the past, please contact us about the starting salary. If you have no law enforcement experience, you’ll need to pass a National Testing Network written aptitude test and video scenario test. We recommend completing the physical ability test at this time if offered in your state, in order to expedite the process. After the NTN testing, we will provide you with our personal history questionnaire. From there, we’ll hold an in-person interview. Your physical ability test must be scheduled in order to be interviewed. If you live in a part of the country where the physical ability test is not offered, let us know! Once you’ve passed your physical ability test, we’ll schedule you for your polygraph. If you pass the polygraph, your background investigation will continue until you are hopefully provided a conditional job offer.

Before you’re offered a full-time position, you’ll need to pass a full medical exam, a psychological evaluation and a possible secondary polygraph (if necessary). You will then have your final interview, which is with our chief. The process of becoming a Bellevue Police Officer isn’t complicated, but it is comprehensive. That’s why we have some of the very best officers in law enforcement. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Starting Salary (monthly)


Once you’re hired, you earn $77,263 annually, plus incentives. After three years, your base pay increases to $100,231 per year, plus incentives and overtime.

How to Apply

Apply now with the Bellevue Police Department.

Before applying, please review the job description and our minimum standards. You can schedule testing at any National Testing Network location. For more information, contact Police Recruiting at BPDjobs@BellevueWA.gov.

The City of Bellevue is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in its workforce.